We are filmmakers, yet stories are our true profession because stories embody the human experience. We work in collaboration with creative agencies to produce content that serves their campaigns, or we work directly with brands as an independent think tank that acts as the creative agency and the film production company.


We work from the inside out. We work very closely with the brand to learn about its core values as therein lies the human element. Once we understand those values, they inform our creative decisions, from the cinematography to the production design, so that the aesthetic of the project reflects the brand’s identity. Not only do the core values dictate the visual look, but more importantly, the story that we tell to bridge the gap between a brand and the consumer.


We work with highly skilled industry professionals, including cinematographers, production designers, editors, sound designers, music composers, colorists, and VFX artists, whose collective work encompasses films, TV, music videos, commercials, and branded content.

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